The World of Keairn

The Country of Keairn is bordered by the Wastelands to the North. The Shienaran Mountains lie to the West and South, and the Arathian Sea to the East. The small Kingdom of Tear Madding is located in the South-East corner, wedged between the mountains and the sea.

7 fortresses were built along the Northern Border of Keairn to stand guard against threats from The Wastelands to the north. Shoreline Keep, Upper Whiteash, Lower Whiteash, Whisper Flats, Dread Crossing, Wolf Rock and Stone Mount. Until recently, each fortress was manned by the Knights of Eld. However, 50 years ago, a Goblinoid Horde, led by Dograg the Red, swept out of The Wasteland and stormed Stone Mount. The battle was hard fought and bloody, but the Knights of Eld were eventually overwhelmed and the Goblinoids claimed the fortress in the name of their new God McGlueBaby,  renaming the Fortress ‘Red Rock’ due to the now blood stained foundations of the fortress.

As our heroes travel through the Country of Keairn and the surrounding areas, this map will be updated with new locations so you can follow their journey.