Meet the Characters


Alex Whyte

Nubz is, officially speaking, a Tiefling Druid, but it you were to ask her she would say she is a goddamn pirate and that’s all the matters. Nubz life as a pirate started out the same way any pirate’s does, with the brutal slaying of her parents and pillage of her village. It was around this same time that Nubz began consuming copious amounts of alcohol in order to forget and took up a place on the infamous Captain Corkscrew’s ship where she learned the hard way that drinking and boating don’t mix when she lost her tail to a giant squid named Leroy.


Colin North

Kroy is a gnomish monk, known for his curious nature and scratchy beard. Raised in a monastery, he was “forcefully encouraged” by Master Gnome Chomsky to embark on a pilgrimage around the world to gather knowledge, which he aptly keeps written down in his Book of Knowledge. He is eager to learn and even more eager to share what he has learned with everyone he meets. He is also very, very good with names. The unique personalities of Bort and Nubz are what have drawn Kroy to them, and he believes that traveling with them will reveal the world’s greatest secrets.



Dave Hibbs

Bort is a Tiefling Ranger and boy oh boy, he sure does love to grapple.