Galeb Duhr- Monster Friends

The Wizard threw a party in his Tower’s Lair
A Druid Clan was there, and they brought some bears
The earth was jumping as the summoning began
And out of the ground popped a big Rock Man

They’re Rocks
Galeb Duhr are Rocks!

Elvis Presley’s Original lyrics for ‘Jailhouse Rock-man”

Galeb Duhr are pretty straightforward creatures, at least in terms of their write up in the Monster Manual. They’re big ol’ rock boys. And if you’ve listened to the We Have Darkvision adventure podcast, you’ll know that we love them. Lars is the best.

So it’s pretty obvious what are rating is for the Galeb Duhr, but what do you think? Are they friends or fiends? Come give the episode a listen, learn about the Rock and Roll rocks that roll and let us know if you agree with our rating.

Other things

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And, while we’re at it, why not give Colin’s new youtube channel a look over at The Shake TV.

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