We Have Darkvision

Ep 84. Now You Siege Me, Now You Don’t Part 1

This week, The Gang comes up with a plan to try and break the siege of Wolf Rock. It took a while to settle on it, and there were a lot of bad ideas along the way, but the important thing is they got there in the end.

Also, Nubz solves the mystery of why TwoTime is so depressed and a few of The Gang’s allies get some much needed power ups from a very powerful person.

Oh, and here’s a look at what the layout of the siege looks like. The red circles are the real command posts, the orange squares are the decoy command posts. So it’s a good thing Marblesnot was able to get the intel from Guzzlebutton and the other rebel goblins, otherwise The Gang would be heading to all the wrong places.


Ep 83. Under The Siege Part 7
Ep 85. Now You Siege Me, Now You Don’t Part 2

Are you Lost? Can’t figure out where our group of heroes are in the world? Fear not! The World Map is kept up to date with all the locations Kroy, Nubz and Bort the Grappler have visited.

The Under The Siege Theme can be found here.

We’ve also started to upload our back catalogue of episodes and theme music over on youtube as well.

Episodes of Monster Friends can be found here.

Also, why not check out Kyle and Colin’s play through of Divinity: Original Sin 2 in the ‘Original Sinners‘ series?

And finally, Colin has a new youtube channel The Shake TV, so why not go give that a peek while you’re here.


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