Drow- Monster Friends

“Spider- Drow, Spider- Drow
Radioactive Spider- Drow
Drider blood, Drider Blood
Radioactive Drider Blood”

And there’s a sick guitar riff playing right now too.

The Drow have been around since the very beginning of Dungeons and Dragons, and for a long time they were basically the same. Evil Elves that live underground. But now, Wizards of the Coast is giving them an upgrade. Kind of.

This week Kyle and Alex learn about the current iteration of the Drow, and then take a look at what changes are being made to the Dark Elves. Ultimately the upgrades are a good thing, but we still have some questions about it.

We also take a brief look at an entry we skipped earlier on in the alphabet, the half drow/half spider monstrosity, The Drider.

So come give the episode a listen and let us know what you think about the Drow, the retcon and whether or not you think they’re friends or fiends.

Other things

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