Displacer Beast- Monster Friends

Displacer Beast- Monster Friends

“Look for the Beast’s Displacities,
The simple Beast’s Displacities.
Forget about your worries and your strife”

Bagheera’s version of the Jungle Book song

This week Kyle and Alex travel all the way to the Feywild to learn about the giant mutant kitty cat known as the Displacer Beast.

The Displacer Beast isn’t just a giant murder cat though. It’s also a walking, talking* science experiment, so not only do we learn about the lore behind Displacer Beasts, we also learn the lore behind all of science**.

So come give the episode a listen and then let us know what you think. Are Displacer Beasts friends or fiends?

*I don’t think it talks. I’m not even sure it purrs. It probably screams or something weird like that.
** Ok, maybe not all of science. Maybe just a grade school science experiment.

Displacer Beast- Monster Friends

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