Devils Part 2- Monster Friends

Devils Part 2: Greater and Lesser Devils- Monster Friends

There are 13 tiers of devils. We’ve already learned about the two highest tiers of devils in our episode about the Arch Devils and the Rulers of the Nine Hells. This week we’re moving on to their devil underlings, and that means we have 11 more types of devils to talk about.

Now, 11 types of devils might seem like a lot to remember, but thankfully devils have a much better naming scheme than demons do. Bone devils are the ones that look like bones, Chain Devils are the ones that have chains, Spined Devils are the ones with spines etc. It’s pretty straight forward.

So come join Kyle and Alex to learn all about the grunts and commanders that make up the ranks of the armies of Hell. They’re obviously all fiends, so we don’t do a rating of friend or fiend, but we do decide that there is one devil that we’d probably hang out with if we absolutely had to. Let us know if you think the same way!

Devils Part 2- Monster Friends

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