Devils and the Nine Hells- Monster Friends

Devils Part 1: Archdevils and the Nine Hells – Monster Friends

If you’ve been keeping up with Monster Friends, you’ll know that over the last couple episodes we covered Demons and the Blood War. This week we move on to their bitter rivals in the everlasting war, the Devils.

To break it down real quick, here’s the deal: There are 9 layers of hell. Each layer is ruled by a powerful devil (known as an Archdevil). The Biggest and Baddest Devil of them all is named Asmodeus and he rules everything and everyone.

So this week we take a look at all the Archdevils and the layer of hell that they rule in. And then next week we’ll cover all of their devilish underlings.

So come check out the episode and learn everything you ever needed to know about Devils and the layers of hell, all without having to slog through Dante’s Inferno. Then let us know what you think. Are Devils friends or fiends?

Devils and the Nine Hells- Monster Friends

Other things

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