Demons and Abyssal Infestations

Demons Part 2- Demons and Abyssal Infestations – Monster Friends

In our last episode we learned that Demon Lords are bad news. But like, that’s to be expected I think. This week Kyle and Alex learn about the lesser demons. You know, the ones that aren’t powerful enough to actually become Demon Lords. Turns out these regular baby demons are also awful and quite powerful. They’re not any better than the Demon Lords! Oh no!

There are a ton of different types of demons and they each have their own pros and cons (I mean, from our human perspective, it’s just one big list of cons. But from the demon’s perspective, I’m sure they considered some of them pros). So come check out the episode and then let us know what you think.

Normally this is where I would say “do you think they’re friends or fiends” but since they’re all awful, I’ll change the question to this: If you were forced to summon one single demon, which type would you summon and why is it the Quasit?

Then, we talk about Abyssal Infestations and the end of the world. It’s not gonna be fun. Don’t open portals to the Abyss!

Demons and Abyssal Infestations

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