Cyclops- Monster Friends

Cyclops- Monster Friends

“No, I don’t know about any…pancakes. What do pancakes have to do with anything?”
-I have absolutely no idea what the context of this quote is, but I googled ‘Cyclops quotes’ and this popped up. Whatever it is though, it’s X-Men related 

Cyclops suffer from what we’re going to call ‘Joan Jett syndrome’. They have a bad reputation. But that’s mostly because they get mad when people steal things from them. Then those people are like “why you mad bro? Damn, these Cyclops are jerks.” Meanwhile Cyclops is actually pretty chill and Odysseus is the jerk.

Also, maybe elephants have been the true Cyclops all along? Join Kyle and Alex as they try to determine whether these one-eyed shepherds are friends or fiends.

Cyclops- Monster Friends

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