Crawling Claw

Crawling Claw- Monster Friends

“The Addams Family started, when Uncle Fester Farted”
-I mostly just wanted an excuse to type out ‘farted’, but I guess a Crawling Claw is just Thing anyway so it kind of fits.

The Crawling Claw definitely has one of the most unique names in the Monster Manual.
Ok maybe that’s not true. But it does have the most unique… ummm, actually there is pretty much nothing unique about these little dudes at all. But that doesn’t stop Kyle and Alex from having a blast with this week’s episode.

There’s something just so perfectly silly and absurd about these severed hands that it’s almost impossible for them to not sit at the top of any “best creatures in D&D” list.

But are they friends or fiends? Give the episode a listen and then let us know what you think.

Crawling Claw- Monster Friends

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