Couatl- Monster Friends

Couatl- Monster Friends

“I’m half a bird,
a snake that flies away.
I don’t know where my soul is,

I don’t know where my home is.”
-Huh. Did you know that Nelly Furtado was a guardian of the gods?

The Couatl is the most majestic creature we’ve covered on the show so far. It’s a colourful, benevolent snake-bird protector demi-god that will never lie to you and always has you best interests at heart. Which is nice because the only other snakes I can think of are Kaa and the guy from the Simpsons and neither one of them are exactly stand-up characters. Oh and the guy from Smash Bros that I don’t like playing as.

So come give the episode a listen, learn about the D&D lore as well as the real life version of the Couatl and then let us know if you think they are friends or fiends.

Couatl- Monster Friends

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