Centaur- Monster Friends

Centaur- Monster Friends

“And that’s where the horsey stung me
And I had a feverish dream
With revenge and doubt
Tonight, we smoke them out

You are ahead by a centaur-y
You are ahead by a centaur-y
You are ahead by a centaur-y”
Little known fact: The Tragically Hip loved Centaurs

Holy Smokes! Alex guessed right this week! She correctly named the creature we discuss. We’re all very proud of her, but also, it was a pretty easy one. I mean, who doesn’t know what a centaur is?

Anyway, Alex did her own little bit of research before recording and she teaches Kyle a little bit of the “real” history of these unsettlingly sexy equine hybrids. Then Kyle goes into the D&D lore.

They also come up with possibly the best band name ever.

Give the episode a listen and then let us know what you think. Are Centaurs friends or fiends?

Centaur- Monster Friends

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