bullywug- Monster Friends

Bullywug- Monster Friends

“Hello my baby, Hello my honey, hello my rag time gal,
Send me a fish by wire.
Baby, my home’s a mire”
The Bullywug mating call

I hope you brought your boots, because this week we’re getting deep in the muck with the delusional amphibians known as Bullywug.

They’re greedy. They’re needy. And they live where it’s reedy.

They call the swamp their home and really want you to be impressed by them. Bullywugs are pretty much regular frogs, but they stand upright. Which, in our opinion, makes them a little creepy.

But creepy or not, the real reason we’re here is to determine whether or not they’re a friend of a fiend. Join Kyle and Alex to find out what they say, then let us know what you think. Could you hang out with these hoppy boys? Or would you shun them, like we should all shun Crazy Frog?

bullywug- Monster Friends

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