Bulette- Monster Friends

“Faster than a speeding Bulette! More powerful than a… Bulette? Able to leap tall, uhh… Bulettes… in a single… umm… Bulette”
-This goof on a Superman quote really falls apart the longer it goes on.

This week Kyle and Alex learn all about how to pronounce the word ‘Bulette’. And once that’s out of the way, they learn about Bulettes themselves.

Turns out they’re basically Ankheg’s that don’t have any fucks left to give.

The episode also takes a turn into the realm of book recommendations, when Kyle remembers an old sci-fi book he read that features Land Sharks (that’s a nickname for bulettes). There’s a little bit of everything in this episodes.

So give it a listen, then let us know what you think. Are Bulettes Friends or Fiends?

Other things

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