Guzzlebutton: A Disillusioned Goblin

Guzzlebutton: A Disillusioned Goblin

Guzzlebutton is 3’8″ and is taller than Kroy. He is also a Goblin. And all Goblins are evil right? Well… maybe. But also, maybe not.

Kroy, Nubz and Bort the Grappler encounter Guzzlebutton for the first time in Episode 14, after being captured on their way to Red Rock.

While sitting in their jail cells, Nubz casts thunderwave and kills a bunch of Hobgoblin guards. The Gang is sentenced to death as punishment.

Enter Guzzlebutton.

Guzzlebutton: A Disillusioned Goblin

A few goblins cause a distraction in camp, giving Guzzlebutton a moment to speak to the Gang without any guards around. He explains that he has become disillusioned with the Hobgoblin War Lord, Dograg the Red.

Guzzlebutton gives the Gang a brief rundown of the rift that is forming between his small group of goblin followers and the followers of Dograg the Red . He explains that Dograg has forsaken the goblin god McGlueBaby and instead worships a new god, Bazorok. This doesn’t sit well with Guzzlebutton.

Guzzlebutton and his band of loyal goblins free The Gang under the condition that The Gang help them punish Dograg for abandoning their true god.

Naturally, the Gang agrees, and Guzzlebutton lets them out.

As of the time of writing this, The Gang has done absolutely nothing to fulfill their part of the deal.


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