Map of Windcliff Harbour

Windcliff Harbour

The Gang first arrived at Windcliff Harbour during the Secrets of Skyhorn Lighthouse mini arc before the events of the main campaign, and make a return during the Gex and the City arc beginning at episode 51.

Sometime between these two visits, we discovered this old painting of the town. It doesn’t appear to be an exact one-to-one representation of Windcliff Harbour’s layout. Instead it seems to be an artist’s representation of a small section of the town.

Map of Windcliff Harbour

Built shortly after the construction of Skyhorn Lighthouse, Windcliff Harbour is a small town on the Eastern coast of Keairn.

The lighthouse sits on a small island just offshore, where the Madding River flows into the Arathian Sea.

The town has three tiers, built along the cliffs leading down to the water’s edge. The docks and shipyards are found on the lowest tier. Most of the shops, homes, taverns and the like are found on the middle level of the city. The most expensive homes and important buildings are found at the top of the cliffs.

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