The Stylish Hat of Mr. Grappler

Bort The Grappler And His Stylish Hat

If there’s one thing The Gang is good at, it’s making the best of a bad situation. In this instance, Bort The Grappler makes a new stylish hat out of a burlap sack.

“How is that a bad situation? Everyone likes a stylish hat.”

Well, sure, except that moments before it became a hat, this sack was use as a hood to blind Bort and his companions when they were captured by Hobgoblin soldiers.

But Bort isn’t letting a little prison sentence cramp his impeccable style. You can listen to the full fashion show (and the rest of the prison arc) in Between A Hob and a Goblin Place Part 1.

The Stylish Hat of Mr. Grappler



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