Behir- Monster Friends

Behir- Monster Friends

“Behir, far, wherever you are
I believe that the heart does go on*.”
-Ms. Titanic

Here’s a good one. What has 12 legs, goat horns and is neither snake nor lizard, but is also both of those things? A Behir! Ha! got you, it’s not a joke. It’s actually just a nightmare come to life.

If someone told you they found a snake with legs, you’d probably say “Umm, that’s a lizard you moron.” And then they would reply “No, it’s a Behir.”

They’d show you a picture and you’d probably say “Oh, look at the little guy. I’d put him in my terrarium. He’s kinda cute, like a weird salamander goat.”

And then they’d say “Oh no, sorry. I should have put a banana in there for scale. This thing is like 30 feet long.”

And then you’d mess your pants because it’s standing right behind you.

Join Kyle and Alex to find out if this lightning snizzard is a friend or a fiend.

*she never really finishes the sentence, but it’s actually “the heart does go on the menu”. The Behir is gonna eat your heart. And also the rest of you. All in one go. It eats you whole.

Behir- Monster Friends

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