The Old Stonefist City Ruins

Old Stonefist City Ruins Map

It was definitely a struggle, but The Gang has finally made it back out of the Old Stonefist City Ruins. They even managed to recover the second orb without too much trouble. On the other hand, The Gang also continued their proud tradition of seeing a problem and then just walking away from it. So we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out.

Anyway, here’s the full map of the Old Stonefist City. The full room list/description is at the end of the article.

The Old Stonefist City Ruins

The City’s History

To catch you up quickly in case you need it: 65-70 years before the events of this campaign, the Stonefist Dwarves closed their city off to outsiders. Around that same time, the Stonefist Clan discovered something ‘evil’ had crept in to the lower levels of their mines and was threatening to overtake their city. After failing to keep this ‘evil’ back, the Dwarves decided to plant explosives in the mines and around their city, hoping to cave the entire area in, trapping whatever it was down there. The Dwarves abandoned their old sprawling, multi-leveled city, and moved further up the mountain.

By the time our campaign takes place, the Old City has been taken over by many cave dwelling creatures that have come up from deeper in the mountain, taking advantage of and living in some of the barely intact Dwarven structures. The majority of the Old Stonefist City is lost to the cave in. Only haphazard pathways remain through this level of the city.

Any pathways through the Stonefist City ruins have been dug out by the creatures that have taken up residence in the area, or have naturally formed through the rubble of the collapsed buildings and cave ceilings. The majority of buildings have been destroyed, but the few that still stand are in bad shape, with many of the walls barely standing, if not partially collapsed.

The Design

The Old Stonefist City is designed as a large dungeon crawl, with multiple pathways through. It was not, however, designed to be thoroughly explored. When making the layout and populating the dungeon with monsters, traps, secret passage and loot, I tried to ensure that each possible path would reveal some information relevant to the adventure. But some of that information would be more useful than others. I also tried to spread out the monsters and creatures in such a way as to make some paths more challenging than others.

So, depending on how Kroy, Nubz and Bort the Grappler decided to navigate through the dungeon, they could breeze through the entire thing or get completely lost in a death maze. Luckily for The Gang, they fluked their way into following one of the easier routes.

I also tried to make the dungeon a ‘living area’ where the PCs actions would determine some of what happened as they progressed. So, for example, Kroy might never have seen that very first Basement Dwarf running through the library.

“Why was that dwarf up there in the first place?” you’re probably asking yourself. I’m not going to tell you. Sorry. But everything that happened in the Old Stonefist City Ruins, happened because of something the Gang did (or didn’t do). Choices made in the first few rooms, set the rest of the dungeon into action. And choices made in later rooms had an effect on the outcomes of the actions in motion.

The Old Stonefist City Map Layout Key

The map key will describe the different rooms in the dungeon, but will not include the items placed throughout. It will not include triggered events, or descriptions of exits from rooms (unless a secret pathway exists).

Also of note: almost all metal found in the dungeon is twisted, melted and ruined.

  1. The path from the upper level leads down to the north side of what would have been a courtyard in the city.
  2. Seems to be an old shop of some sort, long since looted.
  3. A fenced in courtyard. Three wide stone stairs lead up to the remains of a small temple on the south side. The roof looks to have partially collapsed, but the intricately carved doors remain closed.
  4. The inside of the small temple. Seems to be the lobby of the temple. The back wall of this room of the temple is crumbling and makes it impossible to reach the back of the temple. There are 4 Piercers in the ceiling, waiting to drop down on any creatures that walk below them.
  5. A dead end, looks to be a cul-de-sac.
  6. Small one room house littered with ruined funiture. The east wall has collapsed.
  7. A small cemetery with headstones spaced evenly throughout. However, looking at the grave markers, you realize that they are not headstones for individuals, they are cenotaphs listing hundreds and hundreds of names, going back thousands of years.
  8. Tavern.
  9. Wine cellar at the bottom of a short staircase.  The wine has leaked out from all the barrels and there is a film of mold on most of the surfaces. Anyone who enters this room must make a DC12 CON check. On a fail you get drowsey and take a -1 to all DEX based checks until cured.
  10.  A dead end cul-de-sac.
  11. Large Plaza. The West side entrance goes through a stone archway. Remains of old stalls, abandoned carts etc. Seems to have been mostly a food market.
  12. Cul de Sac.
  13. Storage area for mining tools and entrance to a mine.
  14. A large building. 220′ long 100′ across. Three small alcoves on the east and three small alcoves on the west. Each alcove has the remains of a statue in it. Large pillars line the edges of the room. The ceiling of this building has mostly collapsed, but what remains indicates a high domed ceiling. There is a stage on the southern wall.
  15. Courtyard littered with rubble. What appears to be a dead end exit on the west side is actually has a secret panel that joins to pathway A. DC 15 Investigation check.
  16. House
  17. Plaza, with statues. There is a large wall that juts out from the southern wall in roughly the center. It was a decorative waterfall feature that drained into a small pond. Greyish sludge fills the pond. It is Gray Ooze.
  18. Small house, would have been 3 rooms, but the walls have collapsed and rotted away. There is a large, ornately carved chest that is covered in rubble. A large wooden support beam that has fallen across the chest.  DC 15 Strength to move the beam.
  19. Shop of some sort. It is littered with shards of pottery
  20. The long tunnels leading up to this room give off a putrid stench and there are bones scattered across the ground.  It is the lair of a Carrion Crawler. It  sits up in the ceiling waiting for prey.
  21. From outside the door, players can hear rustling and fluttering on the other side. It is a Shop, a nest of Stirges have taken up residence here. DC 12 Investigation reveals a rock behind the nest, the ground around which seems to be scraped up, deep gouges in the floor look as if something has been dragged across it repeatedly. This opens to a secret passage connecting to (24).
  22. The floor is littered with small pebbles and loose rocks. The floor has slightly collapsed and angles towards a pit in the center of the room. The pit cuts the room in two, dividing it into a north and south side. Acrobatics DC12 to keep balance and not slide into the pit. 20 feet deep (2d6 fall damage)
    There are some long planks of wood on the north side of the room that look long enough to lay across the pit… if you can get to the planks.
  23. A shop, littered with bones and the shed husks of a large insect like creature (If the players have been in Room 20, they will recognize it as the husk of a carrion crawler). There are scraps of cloth and what appear to be two  wooden dwarves with the tattered remains of clothing hanging of the featureless forms. The stench of the Carrion Crawler’s lair is less noticeable here.
  24. A small slightly dug out area of rubble. ceiling is only about 3.5 feet high. There is a thick layer of slime along the floor, and some dripping from the ceiling.
  25. A large, mostly open area with a huge statue of a Dwarven Miner. This is a statue of Regmar Stonefist. Regmar led the Stonefist clan into the mountains. He opened the first mine and dug up the first of the ‘Grandfather Crystals’.
  26. Courtyard surrounded by collapsed buildings and piles of rubble. The floor is loose gravel. Moving quickly across the courtyard, it will trigger a small rockslide. DC 15 Acrobatics save. On fail,  take 2d4 bludgeoning damage.
    On the south side of the room, there is a hole in the ground, where if they drop down, it leads to teh hallway just south of this area.
  27. Large mining entrance facility. Safety equipment, tools, etc.
  28. Appears to have been a small house, except all the walls have crumbled down to almost nothing, opening directly into the front yard and a roadway beyond it. A Darkmantle will fall from the ceiling if anyone walks through the northern doorway.
  29.  Looks to be the kitchen of a house, the ceiling has collapsed blocking off any entry to the rest of the house. There is a sulfurous stench to the air and many of the surfaces seem to be covers in a thin film of slime.
  30. Central pillar.  This would have been the main pathway to the lower level of the city, but it has been fully collapsed.
  31. A Gibbering Mouther is found in the corner of this cul-de sac.
  32. A collapsed store. A Giant Spider is up in the ceiling somewhere. Spiderwebs criss cross the walls and ceiling, with long bits of sticky webbing that dangle into the center of the room. DC12 Acrobatics to move across the room without touching the sticky strings. If you touch one, it’s a DC10 STR to detach yourself, but you bring the spider down. DC 14 DEX or STR lets you detach yourself without attracting the spider .
  33. Long covered roadway, the walls move ever so slightly. If the players touch the walls, a grey ooze will seep out of the crack and attack.
  34. Remains of a potion shop.
  35. Remains of a library.
  36. A large pile of rubble, that rises nearly to the ceiling, sits in the middle of the northern portion of the chamber.  There is just enough room above the pile to look inside, revealing Two newly hatched Kruthik. Large egshells litter the floor.
  37. Storehouse. Young Kruthiks are found here.
  38. Storehouse, littered with more eggshells and bones.
  39. Weapons forge. Abandoned weapons are scattered around the room. Three Adult Kruthiks lay in wait.
  40. Courtyard littered with bones and carcases. Kruthik Hive Lord dwells in here.
  41. Small shop
  42. An official building, maybe a courthouse or town hall. A high domed ceiling, that has mostly survived the collapse. The windows are broken, but the structure is mostly intact. The southern side has a semi rotted wooden staircase that goes up to a second level balcony overlooking the main area. A metal door under the staircaset is jammed shut. Will only be able to open the door a crack, to see inside the room.  However, there is something inside the room at the top of the pile of rubble. If they can get up to the second floor balcony, they can get into the blocked room from above. A DC15 Acrobatics Save(DEX)  is needed to climb the rotting staircase without falling.  On failed save take 1d6 damage. The doorway on the second floor opens into a small office where most of the floor has fallen into the room below. A broken safe is in the room below.
  43. Marketplace. Semi permanent kiosks line the northern and southern sides. Seems to be mostly for material goods (of the non-necessity variety)
  44. Small house.
  45. Appears to be a place for kennels
  46. A city square that seems mostly untouched by the collapse. Three stone, one room houses stand in the center of the city square.
  47. The remains of a theater.
  48. A busted out area of a tavern with only one wall still standing with rubble scattered across the floor.  DC12 acrobatics check to keep your footing, on a fail, take 1d4 damage.
  49. Nest of stirges in this mostly destroyed, unidentifiable building.
  50. A Choker lair
  51. A carved out area with a pile of rubble and some fabric in the corner.
  52. Entrance courtyard that leads to Old City lower Level (to Basement Dwarves)
  53. Staircase down to lower level West.
  54. Pathway down to Choker Lair
  55. Staircase down to Lower Level South

Final Comparison

The players draw their own map to help them navigate through the city. This is a side by side picture of the original map I drew and the map The Gang drew based off my description.

Old Stonefist City Map Comparison- We Have Darkvision

A Version Without Room Numbers

If you’d like to use the map for your own games, here’s a clean version.

The Old Stonefist City Ruins

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