Banshee- Monster Friends

Banshee- Monster Friends

“In space sunlight, no one can hear you a Banshee scream.” – Alien Wizards of the Coast (probably)

At some point in our lives, we’ve all played a version of the “If you could be a monster, what kind of monster would you be?” game. Well, this week we learn that sometimes you get to pick the monster, and sometimes the monster picks you. Today, Alex was picked by the Banshee.

While learning about the Banshee, Alex realized that she shares a disproportional number of traits with these undead, former-supermodel elf ladies. At first Kyle and Alex were shocked by the revelation, but by the end of the episode… Let’s just say, you can’t always judge a book by it’s decaying exterior and generally poor disposition.

Sometimes that’s all a front to cover up… uhh… I don’t know how to salvage this. Look, Alex is great. Banshees, not so much.

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