Hobgoblins: A Bob Ross Original?

So I can see some Hobgoblins and …. wait. Hang on. We got some mountains, a few happy little trees… is this a Bob Ross original?

Probably. I mean, it’s definitely not a quick digital sketch by Kyle. (ignore the signature in the corner)

Early on in the campaign, The Gang was heading off towards the Goblinoid stronghold at Red Rock Fortress. They (spoiler alert) never made it. Instead, in Episode 12: The Road to Red Rock Part 2, they were waylaid by a group of Hobgoblins along the way.

If you’re all caught up on the episodes, you know that getting captured by the Hobgoblins probably gave The Gang more answers than they would have gotten had they actually made it to Red Rock. But at the time, things seemed pretty dire.

Turns out this story arc was a bit of a turning point for the campaign.

The Gang is surrounded by Hobgoblins