We Have Darkvision

Ep 44. A Stonefistful of Dollars Part 6

On this week’s episode of ‘We Have Darkvision′ The Gang does a chase scene, does some backtracking and makes a silent ally. And then, holy smokes, guess what? Is that the entrance to the lower level of the Old Stonefist City?

The Maps of the Old Stonefist City

This might be the last of the map comparisons for this arc. I mean, the gang will still have to find their way out of the Old City, but the smart move would be to just back track through the parts that they’ve already explored. But, knowing them, the Gang will make things way more difficult for themselves and take a different path back.


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Are you Lost? Can’t figure out where our group of heroes are in the world? Fear not! The World Map is kept up to date with all the locations Kroy, Nubz and Bort the Grappler have visited.

We’ve also started to upload our back catalogue of episodes and theme music over on youtube as well.

Our new mini “Monster Friends” episodes are also available now.

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