Aboleth- Monster Friends

Aboleth- Monster Friends

“I’m just a kid
Aboleth is a nightmare”
-Simple Plan

I bet you didn’t know that “I’m Just A Kid” was really about the Aboleth, did you?

On this week’s episode Kyle and Alex break down the Aboleth. They also break down. Period.  This thing is the living embodiment of fear itself. We’re generally going to shy away from spoiling our ratings, but I think anyone could take a pretty educated guess on where this thing lies on the Friend to Fiend Scale.

There are so many unpleasant things to learn about the Aboleth and as unpleasant as those things are, we talk about all of them. You’ll get the full rundown of why you should never go near the water again.

Also, we bet you can’t guess what real life animal this monstrosity is most certainly related to.

So we hope you enjoy the episode, but more importantly, we hope you can sleep tonight.

Aboleth- Monster Friends


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