We Have Darkvision

Ep 43. A Stonefistful of Dollars Part 5

On this week’s episode of ‘We Have Darkvision′ The Gang actually discovers something useful. Well actually, to be precise, they’ve come across a lot of things that would have been useful, but for some reason decided to ignore those things. So let’s amend that statement to be “This week The Gang not only discovers something useful, but also have the wherewithal to realize that it is useful in the moment.”

They also briefly split the party but thankfully come to their senses before going to far.

The Maps of the Old Stonefist City

The Gang plots out a bit more of this level of the city, but also make some downwards progress.

The main city has gotten less loopy. It’s almost like The Gang is starting to get a hang of this whole ‘cartography’ thing.

Never mind. This ‘Uh Oh’ area (so named because of Bort’s excellent oratory skills) has a big ol’ loop leading into it and I have no idea why.


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