Aarakocra- Monster Friends

Welcome to the first episode of our new series ‘Monster Friends’! We’re really excited about it and hope you are too.

The Dungeons and Dragons Monster manual has a ton of entries in it, but we don’t think it’s fair to label all those creatures as ‘monsters’. We think a lot of them are probably pretty great and friendly. So in each episode of Monster Friends, Kyle and Alex take a look at a new creature and try to decide if they’re fiends or friends.

Alex takes a guess at what she thinks the monsters are good at and what they’re all about, and then Kyle goes a little bit into the lore before we decide the fate of our potential new friends.

In this episode we take a look at the majestic Aarakocra. Are they best friend material?

Aarakocra-Also known as ‘Bartholomew’

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