Bret Hopscotch Buttermilk

Bret “Hopscotch” Buttermilk: The Happy Twin

Bret “Hopscotch” Buttermilk first appears in Episode 10: Work/Life Balance Part 2. He is the proprietor of the provisioner’s shop in Wolf Rock Fortress.

What’s up with those legs though?

Bret Hopscotch Buttermilk
Pictured: Hopscotch greets some customers while holding his Little Baby Betsy doll.

Well he’s a half-elf. His other half is a goat. “Wait, isn’t that what a faun is?” No. Faun‘s are half human and half goat. Come on.

Bret “Hopscotch” Buttermilk also has a twin brother, Brett “Two-Time” Buttermilk who owns the Trader’s shop next door. No, they don’t have the same name. They have a different number of ‘T’s in their name.

Hopscotch is upbeat and eternally happy, but his brother is, well, pretty sad. The Gang is pretty sure Two-Time suffers from S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder), so they try not to hang out with him very much.

Elves have pretty much gone missing from the world, which means that the Buttermilk twins are some of the last living people with a connection to the Elves. They have no idea what happened to the Elves though. They’re just as out of the loop as the rest of us.

You can check out their theme music here.