Cool Burger: Origins

The groundwork for Cool Burger was laid in Episode 9: Work/Life Balance when Kroy decided to sneak into the kitchen of the Wolf Rock Inn. However, it wasn’t until a good roll in Episode 10 that the name was chosen and the franchise was truly born.

Pictured: Kroy Matheson LeBlanc, founder of Cool Burger, cooks his first burger.

The burger joint became the first ever fast food restaurant in the world and quickly became extremely popular with the residents of Wolf Rock Fortress.

Cool Burger is now in the midst of growing it’s national brand, with plans of expansion all across the country of Keairn.


Current Employees:
Kroy Matheson LeBlanc: Founder and CEO
Tompkins: Manager
Sef: Demoted

Ross Autumnflame: Silent partner. (He doesn’t have much to do with Cool Burger, but does own the Inn and Tavern in which the flagship store is located.)