The Town of Goodleaf

Goodleaf: Town Map

Town Map of Goodleaf

History of Goodleaf

Goodleaf was a town unlike any other. During the Age of Darkness, the idea of ‘having fun’ was all but lost on the people of Keairn. Day to day life was focused solely on working to ensure that your family had the resources to survive, clinging to the faint hope that the world might one day get better.

Then, one year, a collection of farmers in the southern part of the country had a bumper year, and after harvesting their crops, they had the means to provide for their families and the surrounding townships with enough left over to create something that had not been available for years almost beyond memory. They made Beer.

A brewery was built in a small unnamed town. Word spread and people started to flock to the town. A small Inn was erected to accommodate these tourists, and as the brewery became more popular, the town expanded.

As the town became more prosperous, the locals did not need to spend as much time simply trying to survive. With their newly found free time came the construction of what would become the famous Goodleaf Race Track.

Horse racing became another draw to Goodleaf, and the town expanded further until it was a bustling city.

I won’t say that the town of Goodleaf singlehandedly pulled Keairn out of the Age of Darkness, because that would be too simple and not entirely inaccurate. But I will say that without that first bumper crop and the subsequent growth of Goodleaf, the chances that the citizens of Keairn would have succumbed to despair would have gone up greatly. Without beer and horse racing, the future of the country would have looked much different.

Currently in Goodleaf

Now, centuries later, Goodleaf is no longer a hub town. As the rest of the country began to prosper and the Age of Darkness came to its end, fewer people had the need to travel all the way to Goodleaf. There were now bigger cities that were closer to home for more people.

However, the Goodleaf Race Track remained, and still hosts the biggest and most popular races in the country.

The town is now known for its skilled artisans and craftsmen and of course for its three Breweries; the original Goodleaf Brewery, Walrich Brewery, and Billberry Orchard.

Although there is, and never has been a real mayor in the town, there has always been one or two people that the townsfolk look up to. These people are the unofficial ‘town leaders’.

The ‘town leader’ is a man named Mr. Ocean. Not much is known about Mr. Ocean, as he seems to have come from nowhere.

Five years prior to the events of this adventure, Mr. Ocean arrived in Goodleaf, won some money on the races, bought the biggest house in town and everyone just kind of agreed he was in charge now.

When the Gang arrives in Goodleaf in Episode 28, they find the town in the midst of preparing for  ‘Raz te Fan’ or, ‘The Festival of the Grotesque’., for one of their many festivals that Mr. Ocean has brought with him


The Original Map

And just for kicks, here’s the original hand drawn version of the map as well.

Map of Goodleaf

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