We Have Darkvision

Ep. 13 Between a Hob and a Goblin Place Part 1

On this week’s episode of ‘We Have Darkvision′ Kroy, Nubz and Bort the Grappler find themselves stuck between a Hob and a Goblin place. They’ve wound up in a Hobgoblin encampment and I really don’t think they understand just how badly this could go for them. Also, Bort gets a new hat, Kroy does somersaults and, as could be predicted, Nubz acts unpredictably.



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The Wold Map has been updated! New locations include: The Hobgoblin encampment.
…and that’s the only new place. But like, now you know where they are! It’s no longer and abstract concept of “they’re somewhere west of where they used to be”! So that’s good.

And of course, our theme music is all available over on our Soundcloud Page.

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