We Have Darkvision d20

It’s the We Have Darkvision Theme Music!

Did you eat your carrots like your mom asked you to? I sure hope so because Episode 1 of ‘We Have Darkvision’ is coming real soon and if your eyesight isn’t up to snuff, you’re gonna have a hard time on your journey. You’ll be bumping into like, rocks and carcasses or whatever other things you can find in dark caverns. I know, you’re probably thinking “Caverns? Why not dungeons?”

Look, I get it. The game is called ‘Dungeons and Dragons’, not ‘Caverns and Taverns’* But it’s not up to me where the characters decide to go ok? It’s not like there are just dungeons all over the place. When was the last time you stumbled into a dungeon while walking through a forest?

I mean, I guess I am the Dungeon Master. I could, in theory, put a dungeon pretty much anywhere in this world. But that’s not the point.

This is the point: The good news is, even if you don’t have Darkvision, this is mainly an audio adventure, so as long as you have Darkhearing you’ll probably be ok. And as far as I know, darkness doesn’t impede your hearing.

Speaking of Darkhearing, why not check out the full We Have Darkvision theme song? 

The theme was composed by me, Kyle. So in this case DM doesn’t just stand for Dungeon Master. It also stands for…uh… Doing Music. It even includes a special appearance by my banjo that I’ve had for 7 years and only just learned how to play.

All of this is to say, not only do we have darkvision, we also have Soundcloud and I’ll be uploading new themes and other audio snippets there whenever it seems reasonable to do so.

Anyway keeps your eyes peeled (or your ears open) for Episode 1. See you soon!

*it could very well end up being called ‘Taverns and Caverns’ depending on how copyrights work. We might have to look into that.